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How To Determine Your Property Value Using Real Estate Comps

To determine the real estate value of a property, we can use and pay for a real estate appraiser. An appraiser will usually look at the most recent comparable sales, or “comps”. Real estate Appraisers do have access to the Colorado Multiple Listing Service, also known as the “MLS”. The MLS has a database of all the properties that have been listed for sale, properties that are pending and in the process of being sold but more importantly the properties that have already been sold. Another source an appraiser has access to is the is public records system because FSBO information is not in the MLS. Colorado Real estate Agents also have access the same information but generally will not charge for an estimated of real estate values. Without Colorado Real Estate or paying for a appraiser, everyone could have a harder time accessing the same information. You can get your custom real estate value report FREE today right here!

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